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ID 521948

Ryan Haas

Liberal-Arts Grad, Creative Writer; diverse background experience, Manages residential incubator

ID 44644

Jason Festa

Co-Founder @built-in-menlo , Product Designer, Creative Director @DisneyMobile/Tapulous (early director @tapulous)

ID 164843

Divyanshu Asopa

CEO and Co-Founder 21fools. Designer and writer.

ID 439253

Üma Kleppinger

Writing. Marketing Communications. Art and Design Direction. Fitness and wellness industry expert. Infectious humor and enthusiasm included in all contracts.

ID 114235

Muzammil Soorma

Founder @comicam • Worked at @target-pharmacy • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 514388

Brady Dempsey-Fuhr

Pittsburgh, PA. A self-taught self-starter. Driven by creativity and inspired by those with vision and passion. A firm believer in carving one's own path.

ID 476255

Katelan Cunningham

Strategist at startup @HonorRolll; Copywriter/Designer @modnique; Freelance Editor @Brit+Co

ID 302563

Masood Safdarian


Worked at @stb-media • Investor @the-walt-disney-company, @pixar-animation-studios • Studied at @school-of-visual-arts

ID 7063

Raoul Tawadey

CEO of @readwave - mixing science and arts: B.sc from UCL but worked as a script reader in film production. Product orientated.

ID 465530

[email protected]

Founder of Spotigram, Pixlplug, Hashify. Strong business background (Allstate, Henry Schein Medtech) ex semi-pro golfer.

ID 79854

Christopher Mack

Currently independent games designer and producer. Master's in Ineractive Entertainment. Extensive background in the social and mobile gaming and software.

ID 49692

Jon Gold

Founder @hire-my-friend; full-stack designer @makeshift • Worked at @prismatic

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