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ID 33827

Conor White-Sullivan

Co-Founder and CEO @localocracy, sold to Aol. Now Director of Editorial Technology at Huffington Post Media Group.

ID 164843

Divyanshu Asopa

CEO and Co-Founder 21fools. Designer and writer.

ID 8869

Luciano Tavares


Founder Napkn Ventures. Founder @nest-investimentos. Finance background. Love Ruby and dogs.

ID 441847

Felipe Cresciulo

Worked at @widbook @sp Ventures • Studied at @Insper (Ibmec São Paulo) @stanford, @berkeley

ID 44644

Jason Festa

Co-Founder @built-in-menlo , Product Designer, Creative Director @DisneyMobile/Tapulous (early director @tapulous)

ID 77290

Layak Singh

Founder/CEO @fullerene-solutions-and-services @cogxio @dateiitians-human-relationships , Entrepreneur, Researcher, [email protected] IIT Kharagpur (2011), Product Developer @livingstylish

ID 7063

Raoul Tawadey

CEO of @readwave - mixing science and arts: B.sc from UCL but worked as a script reader in film production. Product orientated.

ID 74627

Andrew Neal

A screenwriter with a strong background in social media and networking, interests, and creative writing.

ID 5749

Dave Lerner


Director Entrepreneurship @ Columbia University, host of @venturestudio, 4x entrepreneur, angel, e'ship prof @ columbia business school, founder @startupgenome

ID 126794

Lisa Jones

Owner of @lisden-book-publishing; 13 yrs experience in management; author of 2 books; associate member to NAPW; former @university-of-california-santa-barbara student - communication studies

ID 109534

JEffrey Eiland

CEO-UnPlanned Events Author-Terms of Engagement Producer-Catalytic Communities entrepreneur writer collaborator optimist student blogger leader adventurer

ID 114235

Muzammil Soorma

Founder @comicam • Worked at @target-pharmacy • Studied at @ohio-state-university

ID 437743

Stephanie Rivers

Founder @srpr-music • Accomplished singer-songwriter, Studied at @university-of-oklahoma

ID 4252

Vladimir Medushivsky

Worked at @promodo .

ID 326872

Thaddeus Woodman

Founder & Chief Product Officer @inkshares a crowdfunded publishing company seeking to disrupt how writing is produced and delivered to readers.

ID 72868

Nikolai Yakovenko

Founder machine-learning sports writing startup @chadwick • Worked at @google • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 62196

Tomáš Ruta

I'm a meta-level, T-shaped thinker. I build models to solve the world's biggest problems fast and at scale.

ID 201380

Andreas Christodoulou

Entrepreneur, Teams Leader, Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Developer, Publisher, SEO Consultant, Advertiser, Blogger

ID 354716

David Werba

Notable Founder of @o-w-l (7 Million+ members), MusicForte (110K members), and @ewoth-dictionary (startup).

ID 83752

Pedro Valdeolmillos

CEO & founder at @bloosee

ID 142556

Sean Kim

Founder @needle-1 • Founder @yesocializing • Founder & CEO @totum Pass • Canada's Next 36 • Writer at AskMen.com & The Next Web • Mentor at McGill University

ID 182750

Darren Kelly


ID 56659

Alex Masycheff

Co-Founder of @ditatoo. Over 17 years in the content management industry. Experience in building international networks of resellers and launching new products.

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