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ID 322767

David C. Drake

Writer, Translator, Game/App/Web Developer

ID 384299

Harry Schmidt

Humanist ex-Googler eager to change the way people read, write, learn, and work together. AB, UChicago; MA, Princeton.

ID 465530

[email protected]

Founder of Spotigram, Pixlplug, Hashify. Strong business background (Allstate, Henry Schein Medtech) ex semi-pro golfer.

ID 72868

Nikolai Yakovenko

Founder machine-learning sports writing startup @chadwick • Worked at @google • Studied at @columbia-university, @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 201380

Andreas Christodoulou

Entrepreneur, Teams Leader, Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Developer, Publisher, SEO Consultant, Advertiser, Blogger

ID 125415

Paul Reiber

Linux/UNIX Guru w/ 30 years exp. Awesome tech and personal skills: DBs, code, live production systems, identifying root @causes, proposing / implementing fixes.

ID 109534

JEffrey Eiland

CEO-UnPlanned Events Author-Terms of Engagement Producer-Catalytic Communities entrepreneur writer collaborator optimist student blogger leader adventurer

ID 49692

Jon Gold

Founder @hire-my-friend; full-stack designer @makeshift • Worked at @prismatic

ID 74627

Andrew Neal

A screenwriter with a strong background in social media and networking, interests, and creative writing.

ID 74763

Seth Hayward

Built one website with over 1 million unique visitors. Real time web and online community enthusiast. .NET & iOS focused.

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