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ID 323525

Dino-Ray Ramos

Journalist with experience in traditional and digital media. I have extensive experience in social media and content management. Contributor to The Backlot, DivineCaroline.com, and OKGorgeous.com. Editor and creator of TheFinerDandy.com.

ID 364408

Rose Marie Cromwell

Creative Professional: Artist, Photographer and Videographer, Writer and Curator, Producer of Creative Projects and Content, Non-Profit Founder and Director

ID 44643

Jonell Galloway, The Rambling Epicure

Editor of TheRamblingEpicure.com, a daily international real food chronicle joining the voices & visions of professional food writers & artists around the world.

ID 132475

Adelle McElveen

Project Management and Marketing Professional

ID 149169

Adrienne Nolan

Graduating from Kellogg MBA program in June 2013 with majors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, Management & Strategy. Interested in consumer facing health & wellness start ups.

ID 317667

Jared Waks

Writer, Marketer and entrepreneuer. Entertainment Industry full time experience while launching multiple successful start-ups

ID 63941

Toni Perling

Full-time Copywriter / Listings Editor @goldstar.com; Freelancer @dogster.com; WGA member w/network TV credits; Experienced social marketer, content provider.

ID 180051

Nichole Ciotti

Lifestyle blogger with a strong background in advertising, PR, blogging, and social media management.

ID 321612

Sally Ann Berk

Author of 12 books, including 3 bestsellers; Traffic Reporter at 511.org;Columnist at OaklandLocal.com; Experienced publicist and Social Media addict.

ID 184214

David Speakman

Pushes products, Protects brands, Motivates teams Worked at @highlightcam, @on24 • Studied at @ball-state-university, @lincoln-university

ID 526866

Kate Terry

Marketing, analytics, and technical writing strategist. Background in customer service, client acquisition, & technology. Work: Invenio Media and Texas Monthly.

ID 142556

Sean Kim

Founder @needle-1 • Founder @yesocializing • Founder & CEO @totum Pass • Canada's Next 36 • Writer at AskMen.com & The Next Web • Mentor at McGill University

ID 293050

Candice Landau

Writer, Marketer & Strategist. Digital Marketing Executive at Xanthos. Blogger @kissmetrics. Freelance Writer & Digital Content Creator www.candicelandau.com

ID 201085

Fayette Fox

Writer/editor, project manager and event planner. Excellent communicator. Worked at @lonely-planet-publications-pt. Debut novel to be published May 2013.

ID 476255

Katelan Cunningham

Strategist at startup @HonorRolll; Copywriter/Designer @modnique; Freelance Editor @Brit+Co

ID 77290

Layak Singh

Founder/CEO @fullerene-solutions-and-services @cogxio @dateiitians-human-relationships , Entrepreneur, Researcher, [email protected] IIT Kharagpur (2011), Product Developer @livingstylish

ID 336658

Chris Cooper

Veteran teacher looking to expand education focus beyond the classroom.

ID 224894



Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 74627

Andrew Neal

A screenwriter with a strong background in social media and networking, interests, and creative writing.

ID 4252

Vladimir Medushivsky

Worked at @promodo .

ID 417160

Ian Rosenwach

Product manager and marketer focused on customers and data-driven decision making. Columbia grad. Technology marketer.

ID 439253

Üma Kleppinger

Writing. Marketing Communications. Art and Design Direction. Fitness and wellness industry expert. Infectious humor and enthusiasm included in all contracts.

ID 408367

Sasha Bortnik

I have experience in writing, editing, social media, social media marketing, Photoshop, Google Analytics, WordPress blogging and Tumblr.

ID 98736

Melody Parker

Smithsonian museum PR intern. Digital journalism student at ASU, graduating Dec 2012.

ID 340469

Jared Leys

I am a writer and a publisher.

ID 356957

MacEagon Voyce

Recent Carleton College graduate exploring opportunities in music, communications, and writing

ID 204441

Jillian Igarashi

401(k) specialist at @mercer-consulitng. Writing/editing, sales, service background. Worked at @212 Inc, @borders-books, @The Falcon Newspaper • Studied at @seattle-pacific-university

ID 465530

[email protected]

Founder of Spotigram, Pixlplug, Hashify. Strong business background (Allstate, Henry Schein Medtech) ex semi-pro golfer.

ID 283043

Michael Antares

|| Skilled Communicator || Content Creator || Virtual Assistant |

ID 479667

Kris Lucas

Grammar guru & creative professional. CEO of KLM, Inc., an Artist Development & Management company. Accomplished writer in the music industry.
http://[email protected]

ID 513582

Alyssa Ngo

UC Berkeley graduate, Copywriter/editor, Web Developer, Photographer, Cat Fancy

ID 344514

TeShima Brennen

Highly Organized, Media Oriented Recent Grad Looking for Job Oppotunities in NYC

ID 210122

Stephanie Ogozaly

Web Content / Social Media Specialist with five years experience in journalism and multimedia. Think of me as the Sherlock Holmes of brand storytelling.

ID 50994

Carrie K

Luxury Consultant working in online retail Diamond & Gold with Global Wealth Trade Corp. Honors Grad in the Social Service and accomplished Business programs

ID 542429

Lisa B.

Studied at @university-of-miami

ID 376197

Barrett Reinking

Humboldt State Anthropology Grad, Bay Area Resident, Radio Personality on KRFH.net, Journalism and Cultural Studies enthusiast.

ID 538773

Paulina Keber

Honours BA in Communication Studies with an Option in Research Specialization. Minors in religion and culture and psychology. Work as a News and Content Writer.

ID 133532

Riane Menardi

Writer, editor, media strategist and community builder at @goodsmiths. Formerly of the magazine world, now setting sights permanently on startup life.

ID 199518

Molly Bendell

Brand Strategist for CareerBuilder.com. Video, Design, Social Media and Digital Media subject matter expert.

ID 532606

Nicholas Michel

Emerging tech lover, writer extraordinaire.

ID 443126

Jordan Taylor

Writer, editor, and educator. I've worked at Entelo & Zen Bedrooms. Currently I'm with ContextU (education app), Scripted.com, & Demand Media Studios.

ID 143781

Teddy Crispin

Mr Crispin is events reviewer, book reviewer, liner notes writer, critic, literary critic, speechwriter, journalist, business actor, (...). On these issues, just get in touch with the writer thanks to the website : http://teddycrispin.over-blog.com/.

ID 220500

Irene Resendiz

BA In English, way with words, presented papers on serial killers and how the media makes them cultural sensations,

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